The Registry Department is headed by the Registrar, Alhaji Aminu Bello Muhammad. It is responsible for smooth operation and effective service delivery. The Registrar is assisted by Deputy Registrars heading various Divisions and Units of the Department. The Registry Department is in charge of the day to day administration of the University.

Major Activities

  • Handling of Admissions and Examinations
  • Handles Council Affairs matters
  • All issues related to staff recruitment, selection and training
  • General Administration and Establishment matters
  • Staff and students files/records
  • Promotions and Discipline matters
  • Issues related to the appointment and administration of Sabbatical and Visiting staff.

Human Resource Division Major activities:

  • All activities related to recruitment such as interview, documentation, posting, etc.
  • Houses all personal and policy files of the University.
  • Serves as the Secretariat of many Standing and Ad-hoc Committees.
  • The Division attends to staff requests related to Confirmation of appointment, leave issues, study fellowship, promotions and discipline, etc

Council Affairs Division


Council Affairs is a Division under Registry Department and was established since the inception of the University in 2001. The Unit is headed by a Deputy Registrar, Malam Mukhtar Aminu.

Major Activities:

The Division is charged with the responsibility of handling University Governing Council activities such as:

  • Sending notifications, preparing of venues, lunches and refreshment of Council Meetings.
  • Preparing of Agenda and Memos for the Council meetings.
  • Preparing Minutes of Council meetings and Matters Arising.
  • Sending Council resolutions to the Chairman and Members as well as follow-up. Safekeeping of all Council documents

Staff strength of the University

  • Teaching Staff (461Full-time/contract, 143 visiting and 4 sabbatical) 608
  • Laboratory Technologists 81
  • Non-teaching staff 1,121
  • Casual staff. 135
  • Total. 1,945

The Units under Human ·Resource Division:

  • Promotions and Discipline
  • Development
  • Pension/Visiting and Sabbatical
  • Staff ID Card and Database
  • Open Registry
  • Secret Registry

Major Achievements

  • Actualization of 2019 senior Staff Promotion exercise viz
    • Academic Staff. 61
    • Laboratory Technologist 19
    • Senior Nonteaching staff 50
  • Actualization of 2019 Junior Staff Promotion
  • Dispensation of staff Disciplinary cases
  • Training of some Senior staff of the Registry Department Seminars, conference and workshops in professional Institutes
  • reorganization of the University Open Registry to accommodate other useful
  • Routine briefing with Registrar and Heads of Divisions, Units and other sections
  • Formation of Staff ID Card and Database Unit
  • Formation of Desk Officers in charge of correspondences of all Directorates attached to Register’s office.
  • interaction with the staff of the institute for Information Technology Kura, Sport Institute Karfi and Hospitality and Tourism Institute for the purpose of absorbing them into the services of the University.
  • Successful preparation of2020 Personnel Budget Proposal/Defense in liaison with the
    Bursary Department.
  • Appointment of 144 Visiting Lecturers and 4 Sabbatical Lecturers in the 2018/2019 Academic session
  • Screening/Verification of 131 nos. casual staff.

Major Achievements

  • Timely commencement of the Second Semester 2018 2019 Lecturers
  • Facilitation of Bilateral Phd. /M.Sc. Academic Staff Training in France.
  • Implementation of the developed proposal on the creation of the Directorate for Examination Admissions and Record (DEAR).
  • Facilitation of the development of a comprehensive proposal through Smile Business Committee (SBC) on H readmission and stepdown of withdrawn level 200 and 300 students in the 2017/2018 session and the proposal was adopted by the Senate and subsequently implemented by the University management.
  • Facilitation of the implementation of Senate resolutions on residency period to allow spill over II students who have exhausted their residency period to register and complete their studies as the case may be.
  • Facilitation of the development of a proposal for the review of faculty departmental and association registration fees to be in tandem with their needs to effectively carry out their activities and the proposal was adopted by the Senate and as well implemented by the University management
  • Facilitation of the proposal through Directorate of Quality Assurance on improvement in Continuous Assessment in the University and the proposal was approved by the Senate.
  • Facilitation of the implementation of proposal for new format of presentation of results and other memoranda to senate which was earlier approved by the Senate.
  • Facilitation of the development of proposal on automation software modules for admission, examinations, results processing, hostel allocation and payments and the proposal was adopted by the Senate.
  • Timely completion of Second Semester 2018/2019 Examination
  • Introduction of Examinations Coordination Committee.
  • Monitoring of Examinations.
  • Upgraded Academic Records Keeping and Examinations Results Processing Software
  • Internal Memoranda, proposals and letters issued to Departments, Faculties and other academic Units from the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Academics.