Brief History

The Programme Computer Science was initially enshrined in the former Mathematical Sciences which was later carved out in the year 2012. The Computer Science programme has admitted its first set of students in 2000/2001 session. The students’ enrolment has witnessed steady growth in population from less than twenty  (20) students in 2001 to over Seven hundred (700) students in 2016. The staff strength also increases from one (1) permanent academic staff in 2003 to a significant number of permanent academic staff, Sabbatical, Visiting, Technologists and administrative staff in 2017.

The Department has secured an interim accreditation in 2005, later in 2007 secured full accreditation granted by the National Universities Commission (NUC). It also secured an interim accreditation for two (2) years in 2013. The Department received a full accreditation status by the NUC in 2016 which is to last for five (5) consecutive years.


To achieve the national goals and objectives of industrialization and self-reliance, the programme is geared towards the development of a thorough practice in training, which includes early broad-based training in general engineering, practical application to engineering processes, adequate training in human and organizational behaviour. The general philosophy of the programme is to produce graduates with high academic standard and adequate practical background for self-employment as well as being of immediate value to industry and the community in general.


The Department is run by the three cadres of Staff, Academic Staff, Administrative Staff and Technical Staff. The Head of Department is the officer in charge of the affairs of the Department. The Head of Department is normally elected by the departmental Board and serves for a renewable period of two years. In addition to the organisational structure of the department presented above, the Department was also administered using committee system, among which are: epartmental Board Committee: All matters of the department including the examination are brought before the committee for deliberation by the members and resolutions are made. The committee comprises all the Academic staff.