Brief History

The Department of Biochemistry was established in the year 2011 under the Faculty of Science and Science education. The Department started with 4 lecturers, with Malam Isa Yunusa as the first Head of the department, and 48 students enrolled into B.Sc. Biochemistry, during the 2011/2012 academic session.

However, in the 4-year degree programme runs by the Department of Biochemistry, courses are grouped into levels each of which spans one academic session.


The Philosophy of Biochemistry, study of the substances found in living organisms, and of the chemical reactions underlying life processes at molecular level is to cater for the demand of manpower need in Medical and Biotechnology laboratories, bioinformatics, as well as in food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries Locally and Globally.


The objectives of the program are to produce:

1. Skilled manpower capable of working in Medical Laboratories, Chemicals, Food and Pharmaceutical industries.

2. Graduates capable of undertaking further studies and research 2. in biotechnology, bioinformatics, medicine, nutrition, Food Science and Technology, pharmacology and agriculture.

3. Avail the students with the global trend of events in the 3. application of information technology to life Sciences in general (and biochemistry in particular) with a view to producing independent and self-reliant graduates.


To be admitted into the 4 year B. Sc. Biochemistry a candidate must have;

UTME Entry Mode: A Minimum of Five (5) credits at SSCE level or its equivalent in English Language, Chemistry, Physics, Biology and mathematics.

Direct Entry Mode: A Minimum of eight (8) points in chemistry and any one or two other science subjects at A level or IJMB or NCE and any equivalent examination such as National Diploma (with Upper credit level) for direct entry in to the 200 level or as the department may determine.

Course duration

The duration of the programme is Four (4) years for UTME candidates and Three (3) years for Direct Entry candidates.